Ludum Dare 42

This past weekend was not only Ludum Dare 42 but also CampJS IX. Having no Internet meant fewer online distractions but being at camp meant way more offline distractions. In between playing a bunch of Werewolf and attending a few talks I managed to throw together a small mechanic demo of carrying/crafting things. I wasn't until Sunday morning (or maybe it was Sunday afternoon - time is weird at camp) I started to get a basic idea of how the demo could become a simple puzzle game.

As the deadline loomed closer my Trello board had somehow grown. I cut out pretty much everything that was not essential to the basic playable state of the game and finished up what I could.

The result is a pretty simple but hopefully challenging puzzle game about making jam!

I look forward to being able to add in all the stuff I had to cut once the competition is over.

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Aug 13, 2018

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