A downloadable tool for Windows and macOS


A simple branching dialogue editor.

Check out the source code at GitHub.


Sequences are just a way of grouping dialogue nodes by whatever makes sense to your project (eg. scenes).


Nodes contain lines of dialogue and then a list of responses for either exiting the conversation or progressing to another node.

Conditions and Mutations

Any line or prompt can have a condition attached. Conditions call out to the engine at runtime to check some state and hide the line unless it is resolved as true.

Mutations call out to the engine and affect state. For example, a character might say "Here, have this thing" and then the engine could run a 'GiveThing' mutation which runs an animation and then updates the character's inventory before continuing the dialogue flow.


I primarily use this app for Godot so you can export as a `tres` file for use with my SayWhat Godot addon.

The app also has more generic exports to XML and JSON.

Both formats simply list out every line and group of options as their own nodes (per sequence/scene). Each node in this context then points to the next node by a generated ID.

The idea would be that you can request an entry point and then just step through each line.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorNathan Hoad
Tagsdialogue, editor


SayWhat-win-1.7.1.zip 101 MB
SayWhat-mac-1.7.1.zip 89 MB

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This is exactly what I want, thanks

Hello! Love your dialogue editor and I have a (hopefully) quick questions. I know you can go from node to node by pointing to one in the options (ie This is an option -> name_of_node), but is there way to do this in the dialogue. For example if a conditional doesn't check out I'd like it to jump to another node...Is that possible? 

Also would your the project?'s GitHub be a good place for suggestions/bugs and/or do you accept pull requests?

Here is probably a good place for suggestions.

GitHub would be a good place for bugs and/or PRs. I’ll accept any useful PRs (that also come with tests).

Hi! At the moment it’s kind of possible in a convoluted way but I’ll have a look at adding inline node redirection in the new couple of days.

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Congrats on the release! Good work Nathan.

Thanks Josh :)