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A simple branching dialogue editor · By Nathan Hoad


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All-in-one addon for Godot
Hi everybody. For any Godot users of SayWhat, you might want to check out my new all-in-one addon for Godot . It has a dialogue editor and runtime built into th...
SayWhat 4.3.0
Continuing on with the whole “translations” thing I’ve added a new button to the toolbar: This new button will auto generate static translation keys for a...
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SayWhat 4.2.2
Another quick bugfix release that helps translations exports play nice with existing files. It will now match the column count against the rest of the CSV file...
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SayWhat 4.2.1
Just a couple of bug fixes in this one. Fixed an issue where exporting before saving anything would lock up the editor Fixed a parsing issue with certain respon...
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SayWhat 4.2 - Export Translations CSV
Hello again. It hasn’t been that long since the last update but I’ve had some time to add an important new feature (and a few less important features). Firs...
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SayWhat 4.1
On top of updating the Itch page with some more documentation, I’ve added a couple of new features to the editor and fixed a few bugs. When your cursor is on...
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A whole new SayWhat
SayWhat has been rewritten from the ground up. The new workflow is smoother and comes with new features. Gone are the clunky conditional prefixes - now you have...
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Inline node jumps
This update adds support for inline node jumps. Now you can have conditional node jumps in the middle of a dialogue node: Character: Some dialogue. [if some_con...
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If you happen to find something broken with either the editor or the addon then you can let me know here.
started by Nathan Hoad Jan 15, 2022
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