SayWhat 4.2 - Export Translations CSV

Hello again. It hasn’t been that long since the last update but I’ve had some time to add an important new feature (and a few less important features).

First up, translations!

You can now export a translations CSV file of your dialogue. What this will do is grab any dialogue or response lines and add them to a CSV for translation. The key for each line will either be itself (the dialogue of a dialogue line or the prompt for response lines) or a manual key if there was one specified.

To add manual translation keys to a line, add [TR:SOME_KEY] to the line just after the dialogue or prompt that needs translating (where SOME_KEY is the manual key you want to use).

Example of manual translation keys

If you have a duplicate key on a line that doesn’t have duplicate text to other occurrences of that key then you’ll be shown an error.

If you don’t want to manually add keys then each line will use itself as the key, de-duplicated in the final list.

Next up, I’ve added some settings that can be changed:

SayWhat will now alert you if there is a new version (either automatically, if you want, or manually).

You can also choose to turn off the periodic error checker (if off the error checking will only happen on save).

And lastly, you can choose to treat lines without manual keys as errors. This is handy if you’re trying to get 100% of lines to have manual keys and you’re not sure if you’ve missed any.

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