Version 2.24.0

Well it’s been a while since I last updated the version available here so there’s a long list of changes:


  • Adds support for using Vector2(x, y), Vector2i(x, y), Vector3(x, y, z), Vector3i(x, y, z), Vector4(x, y, z, a), and Vector4i(x, y, z, a)
  • Adds a passed_title(title) signal for when the runtime encounters a known title.
  • In C#, DialogueManager.GetNextDialogueLine now returns a DialogueLine object.
  • Allows else if syntax (which is probably more familiar to C# users).
  • Add inline conditions in dialogue line
  • Make the singleton available earlier
  • Allow calling methods on classes
  • Add Quaternion as accepted value type
  • Add support for Color methods
  • Add a singleton helper for C#
  • Skip numbers when auto-pausing
  • Add more code docs
  • Ignore multiple pause characters together
  • Add option to skip over missing state values
  • Inherit text editor smooth scroll setting
  • Added dedicated syntax highlighting
  • Add setting for character names in PO translations
  • Added translation: zh-cn
  • Adds clicking to skip typing in the example balloon
  • Added Traditional Chinese, fixed Simplified Chinese and patched updated strings
  • Allow non-string signal names in emit
  • Improve search and replace
  • Add setting for default CSV locale
  • Allow camel case in GDScript methods
  • Rework dialogue cache
  • Add support for indented newlines
  • Add DialogueLabel as a class name
  • Add IDs to lines and responses


  • Fixes an issue when there were spaces after a jump when using snippets.
  • Fixes a parsing issue with methods that return booleans.
  • Fixes array referencing.
  • Fixes the GitHub releases check for auto-updating.
  • Fixes issue with calling erase on arrays
  • Mark skip action as handling input
  • Mark response GUI events as handled
  • Stop emitting finished_typing twice
  • Fix Node inheritance warning
  • Make deliberately missing key throw an error
  • Fixes calling emit on a signal directly
  • Add type nullability in C#
  • Fix being able to await mutations in C#
  • Make sure end of line mutations get run
  • Fix enum referencing in dictionaries
  • Fix parser handling multiple layers of nested imports
  • Fix issue with generated lines missing IDs
  • Fixed skip_typing() triggered by mouse release in example balloon

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